Pat Cummins Blog: What I Pack For Tour

Playing Big Bash and International cricket means I’m on the road a fair bit, so it’s important that I pack well.

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Here’s five things I try not to forget, and will be in my bag for our tour to Bangladesh.

Laptop – obvious one but good chance to watch some movies and keep in touch with back home. Might set up a movie or some TV shows in the team room to get a round and watch together. Here’s some of my favourite shows I’ve watched recently.

Kindle e-Reader – A lot of time spent on Buses in the subcontinent so I will hopefully get in to a good book whilst I’m over there.


Coffee AeroPress – bring some fresh beans over with me and can have some fresh coffee in the morning.

Crossword Book – a few of the boys are starting to get into their crosswords, especially in rain breaks or when the batsmen are churning out runs in the middle, meaning us bowlers can relax!

Speakers – a lot of time spent in the hotel room and I love my music!

The upcoming tour of Bangladesh is set to take place in August, with Sydney Thunder’s Pat Cummins and Usman Khawaja named in a 13-man squad for the two-Test series.


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